Coleman Hawkins - Body & Soul (4 Cds)

Coleman Hawkins - Body & Soul (4 Cds)

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CD 1


1.                                                                  It‘s No Sin, Hoven/ Shull, New York, 10/19/1951       03.02

2.      And So To Sleep Again, Marsala/ Skylar, New York, 10/19/1951                        03:00

         1+2: Benny Harris, Idrees Sulieman (tp), Mathhew Gee (tb),

         Coleman Hawkins (ts), Cecile Payne (bs),

         Duke Jordan (p), Conrad Henry (b), Art Taylor (dr)

3.      Spellbound, David/ Rosza, New York, 1/31/1952                                                  03:07

4.      Lost In A Fog, Fields/ McHugh, New York, 1/31/1952                                           03:09

         3+4: Coleman Hawkins (ts), Sanford Gold (p), Al Casimenti (g), Trigger Alpert (b),

         Bunny Shawker (dr), unknown strings

5.      Carioca, Kahn/ Eliscu/ Youmans, New York, 1/31/1952                                       02:29

         Coleman Hawkins (ts), Sanford Gold (p), Al Casimenti (g), Trigger Alpert (b),

         Bunny Shawker (dr)

6.      Midnight Sun, Burke/ Hampton, New York, 2/26/1952                                          02:57

         Joe Wilder (tp), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Danny Mendelsohn, Bill Doggett (keys),

         Trigger Alpert (b), Jimmy Crawford (dr)

7.      If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight), Creamer/ Johnson,

         New York, 7/30/1952                                                                                              03:14

8.      I Can‘t Get Started, Gershwin/ Duke, New York, 7/30/1952                                 02:58

         7+8: Coleman Hawkins (ts), George Barnes (g), unknown (vib, p, b)

9.      Ruby, Parish/ Roemheld, New York, 4/27/1953                                                    02:28

10.    Where Is Your Heart?, Auric/ Engvick, New York, 4/27/1953                               03:01

         9+10: Coleman Hawkins (ts), Paul Nelson‘s Orchestra, Neal Hefti (arr, cond)

 11.   My Blue Heaven, Whiting/ Donaldson, New York, Mid 1950s                              03:01

12.    Honeysuckle Rose, Razaf/ Waller, New York, Mid 1950s                                    03:36

13.    Organ Grinder‘s Swing, Hudson, New York, Mid 1950s                                       03:09

14     .Perdido, Tizol, New York, Mid 1950s                                                                    04:42

15.    Sweethearts On Parade, Newman/ Lombardo, New York, Mid 1950s                 03:42

         11-15: Cozy Cole‘s Big Seven: Rex Stewart (cornet), Tyree Glenn (tb),

         Coleman Hawkins (ts),

         Claude Hopkins (p), Billy Bauer (g), Arvell Shaw (b), Cozy Cole (dr)

16.    The Man I Love, Gershwin/ Gershwin, New York, 11/7/1955                               07:02

17.    Foolin‘ Around, Hawkins, New York, 11/7/1955                                                    01:25

         Coleman Hawkins (ts)

18.    Time On My Hands, Adamson/ Gordon/ Youmans, New York, 11/7/1955          05:39

         16+18: Coleman Hawkins (ts), Hank Jones (p), Wendell Marshall (b),

         Shadow Wilson (dr)

19.    Ornithology, Parker/ Harris, New York, 10/13/1958                                              05:12

         Tony Scott and the All Stars: Jimmy Knepper (tb), Tony Scott (cl),

         Coleman Hawkins (ts),

         Tommy Flanagan (p), Gene Ramey (b), Walter Bolden (dr)

20.    Body And SoulHeyman/ Sour/ Eyton/ Green, New York, 10/13/1958                  04:26

         Tony Scott and the All Stars: Tony Scott (cl), Coleman Hawkins (ts),

         Tommy Flanagan (p),

         Gene Ramey (b), Walter Bolden (dr)

         Total Time                                                                                                               71:19



CD 2

1.      Blues For Yolande, C. Hawkins, Hollywood, 10/16/1957                                      06:49

2.      It Never Entered My Mind, Rodgers/ Hart, Hollywood, 10/16/1957                      05:50

3.      Rosita, Haenschen/ Hart, Hollywood, 10/16/1957                                                 05:05

4.      You‘d Be So Nice To Come Home To, C. Porter, Hollywood, 10/16/1957           04:19

5.      Prisoner Of Love, Columbo/ Robin/ Gaskill, Hollywood, 10/16/1957                    04:16                   6.         Tangerine, Mercer/ Schertzinger, Hollywood, 10/16/1957                                                                              05:23                   7.         Shine On Harvest Moon, Bayes/ Norwith, Hollywood, 10/16/1957                                                              04:49                              1-7: Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster (ts), Oscar Peterson (p), Herb Ellis (g),

         Ray Brown (b), Alvin Stoller (dr)

8.      Running Wild, Gibbs/ Grey/ Wood, New York, 5/10/1955                                     03:23

9.      I‘ll Never Be The Same, Malneck/ Signorelli, New York, 5/10/1955                     07:13

10.    When Your Lover Has Gone, Swan, New York, 5/10/1955                                  04:59

11.    Blue Room, Rodgers/ Hart, New York, 5/10/1955                                                 04:44

12     .The Breeze And I, Lecuona, New York, 5/10/1955                                              03:18

13.    What‘s New, Haggart/ Burke, New York, 5/10/1955                                             05:48

14.    My Own Blues, Hawkins, New York, 5/10/1955                                                    06:03

         8-14: Coleman Hawkins (ts), Eddie Bert (tb), Ernie Royal (tp),

         Earl Knight (p, org), Wendell Marshall (b),

         Sidney Gross (g), Osie Johnson (dr)

         Total Time                                                                                                               72:00      



CD 3

1.      Meet Doctor Foo , C. Hawkins, New York, 10/11/1939                                        02:35

2.      Body & Soul, Heyman/ Sour/ Eyton/ Green, New York, 10/11/1939                    03:01

         1+2: Tommy Lindsay, Joe Guy (tp), Earl Hardy (tb), Jackie Fields, Eustis Moore (as),                             Coleman Hawkins (ts), Gene Rodgers (p), William Oscar Smith (b), Arthur Herbert (dr),                                           Thelma Carpenter (voc)

3.      Dedication, L. Feather, New York, 5/25/1940                                                        02:52

         Coleman Hawkins (ts), Bernard Addison (g), John Kirby (b), Sid Catlett (dr)

4.      Serenade To A Sleeping Beauty, Sampson, New York, 8/9/1940                        03:05

         Tommy Stevenson, Jos Guy, Tommy Lindsay, Nelson Bryant (tp), William Cato,

         Sandy Williams,     Claude Jones (tb), Eustis Moore, Jackie Fields, Ernie Powell (as),

         Kermit Scott, Coleman Hawkins (ts), Gene Rodgers (p), Gene Fields (g),

         Billy Taylor (b), J.C. Heard (dr) Gladys Madden (voc)

5.      My Ideal, Robin/ Whiting/ Chase, New York, 12/4/1943                                        03:08

         Cootie Williams (tp), Edmond Hall (cl), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Art Tatum (p),

         Al Casey (g), Oscar Pettiford (b), Sidney Catlett (dr)

6.      Lover Come Back To Me, Romberg/ Hammerstein, New York, 12/18/1943       03:05

         Coleman Hawkins (ts), Ellis Larkins (p), Jimmy Shirley (g), Oscar Pettiford (b),

         Max Roach (dr)

7.      Crazy Rhythm, Kahn/ Caesar/ Meyer, New York, 12/23/1943                             03:14

8.      Get Happy, Koehler/ Arlen, New York, 12/23/1943                                               03:23

9.      The Man I Love,Gershwin/ Gershwin, New York, 12/23/1943                              05:07

         7-9: Coleman Hawkins (ts), Eddie Heywood (p), Oscar Pettiford (b), Shelly Manne (dr)

10.    Bean At The Met, C. Hawkins, New York, 1/31/1944                                           03:06

         Roy Eldridge (tp), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Teddy Wilson (p), Billy Taylor (b),

         Cozy Cole (dr)

11.    Rainbow Mist, C. Hawkins, New York, 2/22/1944                                                 03:00

         Dizzy Gillespie, Vic Coulsen, Ed Vanderveer (tp), Leo Parker, Leonard Lowry (as),                       Coleman Hawkins, Don Byas,

         Ray Abrams (ts), Budd Johnson (bs), Clyde Hart (p), Oscar Pettiford (b),

         Max Roach (dr)

12.    Recollections, Thomas, New York, 10/19/1944                                                     02:53

         Coleman Hawkins (ts), Thelonious Monk (p), Edward Robinson (b), Denzil Best (dr)

13.    Indian Summer, Dubin/ Herbert, New York, 12/4/1946                                         03:13

         Charlie Shavers, Buck Clayton (tp), J.J. Johnson (tb), Coleman Hawkins (ts),

         Harry Carney (b), Teddy Wilson (p), John Collins (g), Chubby Jackson (b),

         Roziere „Shadow“ Wilson (dr)

14.    Phantomesque, C. Hawkins, New York, 6/1947                                                   02:56

         Miles Davis (tp), Kai Winding (tb), Howard Johnson (as), Coleman Hawkins (ts),

         Marion De Veta (b), Hank Jones (p), Curley Russell (b), Max Roach (dr)

15.    April In Paris, Harburg/ Duke, New York, 12/11/1947                                           03:09

16.    How Strange, Trad., New York, 12/11/1947                                                          03:02

17.    Half Step Down Please, T. Dameron, New York, 12/11/1947                              03:03

18.    Angel Face, Jones/ Hawkins, New York, 12/11/1947                                           03:13

19.    Jumpin‘ For Jane, L. Feather, New York, 12/11/1947                                           03:09

         15-19: Fats Navarro (tp), J.J. Johnson (tb), Budd Johnson (as),

         Coleman Hawkins (ts), Marion De Veta (b),

         Hank Jones (p), Chuck Wayne (g), Jack Lesberg (b), Max Roach (dr)

20.    Picasso, C. Hawkins, New York, 7-8/1948, Coleman Hawkins (ts)                      03:14

         Total Time                                                                                                               63:29



CD 4

1.      Stompin‘ At The Savoy, Sampson/ Goodman/ Webb/ Razaf                               06:19

2.      If I Had You, Shapiro/ Campbell/ Connelly                                                            04:35

3.      Out Of Nowhere, Green/ Heyman                                                                         06:47

4.      Get Happy, Arlen/ Koehler                                                                                     05:35

5.      Ain‘t Misbehavin‘, Waller/ Brooks/ Razaf                                                               07:34

6.      Cheek To Cheek, Berlin                                                                                         08:06

7.      Lullaby Of Birdland, Shearing/ Foster                                                                    05:15

8.      Just You, Just Me, Greer/ Klages                                                                          06:09

9.      Blue Love, Sampson/ Mills                                                                                     05:08

         New York, 1954

         Coleman Hawkins (ts), Billy Taylor (p), Emmett Berry (tp), Eddie Bert (tb),

         Milt Hinton (b), Jo Jones (dr)

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